Unidentified Death Eater
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Death Eaters

This individual was one of Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters. Little is known about him, besides his participation in both the First andSecond Wizarding Wars.

== First Wizarding War==

At somepoint in his life, this man joined the Death Eaters, and fought during the First Wizarding War. It is unknown if he went to Azkabanafter the wars end, escaped capture, or renounced his allegiance to Voldemort in exchange for his liberty.


Second Wizarding WarEdit

By 1995 this Death Eater was once again in Voldemort's service. He battled to retrieve the Prophecy in theDepartment of Mysteries, and was one of the only Death Eaters to escape justice after the Order of the Phoenix joined the battle. This Death Eater later went on to serve underFenrir Greyback, and participated in the kidnapping of Ollivander. Alongside Greyback and another Death Eater, this individual participated in the destruction of the Millennium Bridge. He also fought in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, but was not present atop the tower when Albus Dumbledore was killed by Severus Snape.